DTG Optimus Ltd. was founded in 2005 and we started operations in 2006. The company has now been involved for 10 years in its main activities – the production of packaged cement, cement wholesaling and logistics activities.
Our depot in Debrecen, which is company-owned, is located in a 6 hectare complex in Vértesi utca, and is uniquely accessible. Highway no. 4 is a few hundred meters away, while the end of the M35 motorway is only 3.5 km, and Highway no. 47 is 1.8 km away.
DTG Optimus Ltd. buys loose cement from multinational and independent certified cement manufacturers. Cement is delivered either by rail or road transport. For road transport the goods are delivered and sold either to our premises, or directly to a site specified by the buyer. With rail deliveries the cement is delivered to our premises.
Our industrial rail sidings, with their 2000 m of loading length, allow us to accommodate and dispatch unlimited amounts of goods by rail, including Ukrainian railway wagon types. Our premises also has the machinery required for moving materials. Our system for unloading, in addition to the typical equipment used in the European Union, is also equipped with a special deep loading system, which means it can accept Ukrainian and Russian wagons, and as such is the only operating system of this kind in Hungary.
Our 5000 m2 enclosed/covered warehouse, and our more than 9,000 m2 of paved outdoor storage allow us to handle the most varied of materials. We have 4 silos with accompanying equipment, making it possible for us to store and handle bulk goods (up to 1.7 t/m³ specific gravity). Our loose cement storage capacity is 3,800 tons. The loose cement is supplied to the packaging unit through a closed silo system with lifts and other pneumatic equipment. The maximum production capacity of the packaging equipment is 600T/day for 25 kg bags. We supply packaged cement under our own brand name – DTG Optimus.
The sale of loose cement is carried out by KKVJ Ltd. which is 50% owned by DTG Optimus Ltd. KKVJ Ltd. has been engaged in the cement wholesale trade for more than 20 years. The vast majority of our loose cement users are concrete factories, and public utility- and road construction companies.
The main goals of recent projects:

  • the M3 motorway section leading to the Ukrainian border
  • the Mako-Nadlac motorway, Romanian cross-border connection
  • Debrecen stadium
  • reconstruction of Highway No. 4
  • LEGO Nyíregyháza
  • the Bereg reservoir
  • Apollo Tyres
  • several sewage reservoirs

The cements we sell have the necessary marketing permits, quality certificates and performance certificates. Since it is important for us to maintain quality, we regularly carry out independent external audits with quality certification bodies to check the cements coming into our premises.
The site’s total capacity is 420 thousand tons. Of this amount, DTG Optimus uses 300 thousand tons for its own purposes, with 20 thousand tons reserved for cement processing and storage carried out under a lease agreement, and the remaining 100 thousand tons serving as spare capacity.
CTR Holding GmbH., the other owner of DTG Optimus Ltd., has a 50% share held through DTG Optimus Ltd. CTR Holding GbmH’s portfolio includes the former ZEOCEM a.s. cement factory, which is currently not engaged in the production of cement, but of zeolite-based products; in the past zeolite was used – instead of granulated blast furnace slag – as an additive in cement production.
Since 2015, DTG Optimus Ltd. has been involved in the purchase, sale and logistics of granulated blast furnace slag as an additive for the cement industry. Long-term contracts have been secured for the purchase and sale of slag.
The IT technology used, together with the SAP information system, helps the transparent management of our company. A small team of staff, trained to meet contemporary demands, guarantees precise customer service and timely handling of deliveries.
Our strategy is to establish long-term customer and supplier relations, extending our professional knowledge, and focusing on exploiting on our capital strengths.
We are involved in the life of the city of Debrecen, helping to develop the development of local spectator sports with our sports grants.